Gastech International optimizes and innovates technologies

Gastech International optimizes and innovates technologies - we acknowledge the importance of constant progress and development, and hence invest substantial resources in creating new added value.

We assess market dynamics in order to define opportunities, which can be deployed within certain regions as well as on a global basis. Currently, we are undertaking in-house developments to achieve proprietary technologies in the following fields:

  • Mid-Scale LNG Plants
  • Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)
  • Helium Recovery
  • Industrial Water Recycling and Reuse
  • Further R&D projects

All of these are advanced within the essence of modular skid mounted units. Our ambition is to stay at the forefront of technology. As a leading engineering organization, we ensure that innovation and development is achieved in harmony with both people and the environment, and by providing maximum benefits to our clients.

We aim to hire professionals who are eager to take on leading roles at Gastech
Strategic Partnerships
We are open to discuss with partners who are seeking to materialize projects in the energy sector